sl1 Conversational Eudata implements conversational
logics capable of optimising caring
and sales processes, automating services
with BOT operators
DISCOVER MORE Customer Service
sl1 Cloud Contact It’s time to move your contact center
in the cloud, gaining flexibility
and reducing costs
sl1 Video Advisor Directly engage customers through
an effortless Video chat via your web page
or mobile APP with a secure platform.
Escalate from an existing chat or
create a brand new video conversation,
use desktop sharing and co browsing,
record and track every step of the
customer journey
DISCOVER MORE working better with
Wow your customers with a branded experience
Automation up to 70% of
customare care process
Operator optimization
time up to 30%
Workload shift from
voice to digital more
than 40%
More than 10 years of
experience in digital
contact market space
  • we create value pathways for customers
  • we maximize the ROI ensuring recurrent revenues
  • we provide a unified experience to the customer (act as one)
  • Full voice and digital contact center supporting asynchronous channels
  • Conversational platforms to automate processes on communication channels
  • We provide to our customers consulting and support services

Proud to be named
Market Guide
for Conversational

Eudata has been included in:
Gartner’s June 2018 and 2019
Market Guide for Conversational Platforms

Proud to be named Market Guide for Conversationalm Platforms

Eudata has been included in:
Gartner’s June 2018 and 2019
Market Guide for Conversational Platforms

Eudata Suite


Gadget ready agent cockpit that includes Voice, omnichannel and customer details. Ready to be part of your environment thanks to simple and efficient plug-ins for custom or legacy CRM, TT or productivity tools. An agent BOT is always available to support the users in executing processes and use the right tools.

Convy AI

A chatBOT based on artificial intelligence that enables end to end control of automated conversational omnichannel processes. Used by millions of users every month, it can be part of the customer journey or of the agent experience.


A centralized repository to register every step of your customer journey (customer profile and cross channel history) and make it available in real time to agents and supervisors, coupled with a powerful reporting tool to access all the relevant KPI.


Expands customer interaction from contact center, agencies or branches to multimedia services (sms, chat, email, video, collaboration) and modern communication  hannels (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Apple Business chat).

Visual IVR and ChatBOT to reduce inbound voice

Eudata implements conversational logics capable of optimising caring and sales processes, automating services with BOT operators.

Eudata Corporate Profile 2021

Eudata is the Customer experience masters company.
We work to simplify the customer experience for medium and large brands that want to excel in their CX.

Banca progetto arrow_forward watch more success cases "The integration between Amazon Connect and Eudata's portoflio of products allowed Banca Progetto to create a real cloud contact center able to manage customers contact details through digital and telephone channels. It also allowed to manage some of the most time consuming tasks thanks to our conversational engine, Convy AI." Giorgio Alicata, Eudata Sales Manager "In less than three months, thanks to Eudata solutions, we were able to introduce in Banca Progetto a new concept of Customer Experience based on process automation. Choosing Eudata suite helps us add value to the customer, placing it at the center and creating a new business model." Alessandro La Pergola, COO of Banca Progetto for Rinascente arrow_forward watch more success cases “In just one month, thanks to Eudata and Amazon Connect, we created the new Contact Center for Rinascente customers and partners, integrating it with our Salesforce CRM. All of this was possible using the Amazon Connect technology and the competence of EUDATA.
Now we are able to offer a better experience to our customers and a model that puts the customer at the center valuing all the investments made in the past.”
Alberto Bonora, IT Infrastructure & Technologies Manager RINASCENTE VP of Marketing for
Pulsee arrow_forward watch more success cases “Now it is possible for Pulsee’s customers get support by WhatsApp.
Pulsee, the AXPO‘s brand 100% digital dedicated to the sale of energy in the retail world, activates the new customer service using the omnichannel Eudata platform.”
Yvonne Chen, VP of Marketing for
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