WCS Web Customer Service

Combining messaging, Video and Collaboration with a centralized access to information enables to realize innovative sales and customer service


The most complete Hub to manage Omnichannel Customer Care in the market

Eudata WCS is a Customer Engagement Hub that act as a middleware between digital customer touch points and different back end systems.

WCS can:

• Provide access to a number of digital touch points (sms, email, persistent chat, social messaging, real time chat, Video Chat and collaboration)

• Interact using a connector with External CTIs

• Empower the agent desktop, with all the channels and information about the customer history Eudata WCS can be empowered using Convy.AI to add chatBOT capabilities to the solution. Once integrated in a contact center environment the solution will be part of the platform, inheriting the platform capabilities.

WCS Feature List

Agent Desktop

Eudata Agent Desktop is a web console that provides advanced contact management agents for contact center agents, useful when communicating with users.

An agent is therefore able to provide the right level of interaction on all channels managed by the WCS platform

  • Sms – Email – Persistent chat, Social or real time Chat sessions with users contact details
  • VideoChat
  • Screen/desktop sharing
  • Cobrowsing
  • Audio/video/sharing recording
  • Document/Link pushing
  • Customer history available for all digital channels
  • Blind/attended transfer to other agents or skillgroups

Chat Real time

Allows users to interact in real time with contact center agents for retrieving information, completing onboarding or purchasing processes, 

  • Real time messaging
  • Ability to escalate from chat to an audio/video web call in the same session
  • Multiple concurrent sessions on the same agent
  • Fast answers
  • real time collaboration capabilities

Audio/Video Chat

Users can have full audio/video experience or decide to escalate to those channels starting from a chat session.

No plugins or external tools needed, based on WebRTC technology, auto-adaptive based on current network bandwidth availability, fully  compatible with all modern browsers, desktop and mobile devices.

When an integration with third parties CTI platform is needed, WebRTC 2 Sip calls can be provided as well.

  • WebRTC 2 WebRTC
  • WebRTC 2 Sip (compatible with SIP phones)
  • Screen/application sharing
  • Embedded Audio and Video Recording 
  • Device detection 
  • Seamless channel transition (Chat-Audio-Video) – Escalation – De-escalation

Real Time: Link/Doc sharing

Users and agents can share links and documents.

Agents are able to provide links for guiding users to retrieve a specific information available on a website.

Companies can rely on document sharing capabilities for providing to users the necessary documentation needed for completing a purchase, as example.

End users, instead, can share the required documents involved during an on-boarding process

  • Link sharing between agent/expert and customer
  • Direct web redirection to shared link
  • Direct document sharing
  • Short code for link/Video
  • DB storage option, possibile integration with third parties repository
  • Possible integration with Antivirus systems
  • Full reporting with link and doc shared, accessible via administration console

Real Time: Desktop/APP Sharing

Enrich customer experience by adding modern collaboration tool like desktop and application sharing.

Based on WebRTC technology, is compatible with modern web browsers.

  • Two way desktop and application sharing (from agent to customer and from customer to agent)
  • No plugin required on desktop sharing receiver 
  • Browser extension
  • Fully integrated within the customer UI. No installation required
  • Full screen sharing supported
  • Application selection and sharing supported
  • Available on Mobile Devices thanks to native SDKs (only agent to customer sharing)

Real Time: CoBrowsing

Enable agents and users to cooperate in the same web session, reducing time and effort in accomplishing complex tasks with an easy and intuitive UI 

  • Two way Co-Browsing capabilities
  • No plugin required
  • Fully integrated within the customer UI. No installation required
  • Full screen supported
  • Form filling capabilities
  • Draw/take notes on the screen
  • Guide users in website navigation
  • Mask sensitive data/area of target website

Asynchronous Channel: Persistent Chat

Supply to end-users a modern Always-on engagement experience, available any time on any devices.

Users can start a conversation from their desktops, and then continue chatting in a second time from their mobile devices.

  • Managed as a simple «real-time» chat on Agent side
  • “WhatsApp” like experience, each conversation will be contextualized
  • Mobile push notification
  • Preferred Agent
  • Ban the hecklers
  • Fast Reply
  • Escalation to real time conversations

Asynchronous Channel: WebCallBack

Suggest a user to schedule a callback if your CC is over-loaded or the request is coming out of ordinary opening hours

  • Available on service closed or service queue timeout
  • Configurable form for customer contact info
  • As soon as possible or calendar based option to schedule contact
  • Preferred channel; Customer can choose his preferred channel to be contacted on Email, Call or others
  • Available for web contact center (click to chat) or in the expert advisor

Expert Advisor

Fix an Appointment with customers’ experts

  • Customer details at a glance
  • Service transfer or expert transfer
  • Integration with the Chatbot
  • Integration with company tools
  • Configuration of the customer’s UI based on the process you need to set up
  • Reporting

Proactive Engagement

Create engagement rules based on users navigation, providing the desired action at the right time

  • Analytics and profiling for customer browsing the web
  • Content analysis based on meta tags
  • Web clusterization based on list of URLs and content
  • Simple engagement rule based on simple metrics like time spent on the page or web clusters
  • Engagement rules action configuration such as service or advertisement
  • Click to contact button customization
  • Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet layout configuration

Contact result

This «standard» way of storaging data (on open db) allows Eudata WCS system (and bot) to integrate external/third party system following same logics.


For each configured «result» it is possible to provide an action (i.e. send an email – in figure below, or engage another service)

Customer Centricity

WCS is Customer engagement hub that on which transit every media channel landing on the contact center environment.

The possibility to view all the interactions made by a customer with the company (in general) it’s a big value in advantage.


WCS will provide a dedicated reporting panel, in a “timeline view”, exposing the customer journey made by the customer, with the possibility to drill down a specific interaction and access the conversation history.

Experience features
  • Concurrent sessions and priorities
  • Text messaging: email – chat social media – WhatsApp
  • Inactive task automatic transferred to BOT (and automatic return on the agent once active again)
  • BOT enabled to “ping” customers
  • Video Chat Collaboration
  • Session Data and customer details
  • Customer history
  • GeoLocation
  • Customer Device
  • Session tracking
  • Speed answer and link


Support Agent productivity with a BOT:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Process and Workflow
  • Simplify training
  • Simplify context change
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