WCS Release – April 2019
What's new?

New features



The new WCS periodical Release

WCS Release is a periodical update about the Customer Omnichannel Engagement Platform that focuses on the implementation and enrichment of Eudata solution with new features that improve performance and usability.

New features


Now a CC agent has a whole collaboration tool available, adding the possibility of Cobrowsing to the existing content sharing. The agent can help a client to fill out forms, navigate a site, take notes and highlight the sections of interest, all with the utmost respect for sensitive data. The solution is available both on-prem and on our cloud service.

Customer Web Interface

A detail panel with the display of all the contents (links and documents) shared between the agent and the customer

  • Video Advisor – the configuration of the Video Advisor functionality has been made easier and more intuitive, directly from the WCS administration panel
  • Agent Desktop – new graphic window for viewing the co-browsing session, with the possibility of detaching in a separate window
  • Customer Web Interface – multiline input box in order to improve the insertion of messages with lots of characters
  • Customer Web Interface – introduction of PerfectScrollbar as a default scroll mode in all components
  • WebRTC GW – Fixed error when closing the screensharing in WebRTC2Sip call
  • Agent Desktop – Error displaying checkmarks when displaying asynchronous messages
  • Agent Desktop – Correct compatibility Cobrowsing with Edge
  • WCS Admin – correct display of fields in Add New Email Box
  • WCS Admin – correct display of your profile
  • WCS Admin – Improved login page responsiveness
  • Session Handler – Improved chat transfer stability in case of simultaneous session events
  • Session Handler / Customer Web Interface – Manage cookies in case of crossdomain
  • Session Handler – Improved routing reliability in the presence of high load on the system
  • Reporting Tool – Fix build dependencies from jenkins
  • WCS Finesse Gadget – Improved transfer stability over InternetExplorer
  • Customer Web Interface – Display of escalation buttons at GUI refresh