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Eudata Corporate Profile

We are the Customer experience masters company. We work to simplify the customer experience for medium and large brands that want to excel in their CX

AVA - Agent Virtual Assistant

AVA assists agents in saving up to 40% of their time thanks to workflows and a context trained generative AI engine that works only using your own knowledge base.

Eudata ChatBOT Convy.AI

Eudata artificial intelligence Convy.AI helps customers with a human like experience simplifying customer interactions

Customer Contact 2022 - Keynote Sandro Parisi

Watch Sandro’s customer contact 2022 keynote about our idea of unified brand experience. Happy CX!

Eudata solution features
AVA - Agent Virtual Assistant
Eudata Convy Flow Designer - Zero Code BOT Builder
Eudata Convy.AI - Use Case Utilities
Eudata Convy.AI on WhatsAPP - Voice and text Usage
Eudata Next2Connect - Voice Inbound Call
Eudata Convy.AI - A single BOT for all user channels (WhatsAPP, FB Messenger, Chat..)
Selling insurance or banking products using Eudata Video Advisor
Let Our Customers speak
``Let our Customer speak`` - Alessandro La Pergola – COO @ Banca Progetto
``Let our Customer speak: Patrizia Sormani`` – CCO & Digital Manager @ eWitness
``Let our Customer speak`` - Beatrice Rubini - Executive Director @ CRIF
``Let our Customer speak`` - Leonardo Sergi, Innovator Director @ Haier
Eudata ``Let our customers speak``: Generali Welion Success Case
Eudata “Let our customers speak”: Fastweb Success Case
Eudata ``Let our customers speak``: IBM Success Case
How Fastweb automates its customer service using Visual IVR
Eudata integrates with collaboration platforms
Eudata ChatBOT, Convy.AI, integrates with WhatsApp

Thanks to the integration between the “Convy.AI” chatbot and the most popular messaging platform that is “Whatsapp”, you can provide an immediate contact to your company’s customers with an excellent customer experience.

Eudata ChatBOT, Convy.AI, integrates with the Voice Assistants Amazon Alexa

This video shows the interaction between Convy + Alexa with a customer during an online purchase process

Linea Osservatorio: we introduce Eudata and its AI applications
IA spiegata semplice: Sandro Parisi explains the 6 different types of existing ChatBOT
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