Unyco Release – Empowerment Supervisor Profile
What's new?

New features



The new Unyco periodical Release
New features

Administration panel:

it’s now possible to define the services that can be managed by a supervisor profile, allowing the allocation of dedicated accesses to individual contact centre suppliers


reporting segregated by Contact Center service provider

Keyboards on customer interface:

Features implemented:

  • Date: calendar for inserting dates
  • Time: widget for inserting hours and minutes
  • Datetime: calendar for inserting dates and times
  • Geolocation: share the position to locate the desired destination (also available on Facebook and Telegram)
  • Password: encrypted field

It’s also possible to define custom keyboards that will be implemented on GUI side

  • CustomerGui: improvements during the resumption of previously active sessions
  • Technical review of automated versioning and build components
  • InteractionServer: Fixed bug related to the aggregation of emails sent to a bot
  • SessionHandler: Fixed bug related to closing an asynchronous session
  • SessionHandler: Fixed bug related to deleting ChatRoom in a multi-node environment
  • SessionHandler: Fixed bug related to the transfer of a WCS session using the email channel
  • SessionHandler: Fixed bug related to limit of sessions per agent during routing phase
  • AgentGUI: Fixed bug related to the display of the multimedia node upon receiving the history after a transfer
  • WCSAdmin: fixed the bug related to the change of the webcallback fields by the supervisor
  • WCSAdmin: fixed the bug related to loading All contacts
  • Android Mobile: fixed the bug related to WebRTC calls via the WebRTCGateway
  • SessionHandler: problem management improvement following database queries