Improve the Customer Experience thanks an innovative digital assistance service

Faced with the 10 millions annual calls, Fastweb’s Customer Care, 30% of the contacts are routed, upon request by the customer, to the management with digital services which is carried out automatically by the Eudata solutions via BOT and Visual IVR


The need

Making Fastweb brand unique for its customers, improving the technical and administrative assistance service through the use of digital channels, reducing the load on the voice channel and making the customer experience increasingly satisfaction

The solution

Visual IVR and chatBOT
The engagement on the site or on the mobile APP through the new “MyFastPage” delivered in “Visual IVR” mode through Convy.AI

The presence of the chatBOT, which guarantees a higher level of detail than the Visual IVR and which, in case of need, plans a contact by an operator

The results

  • a reduction in the time spent by operators for automated activities
  • greater availability of operators to assist customers in non-automated processes
  • Customer satisfaction with Fastweb has improved based on the fact that the customer solves problems more quickly and comprehensively

of the contacts are routed to the management with digital services which is carried out by the Eudata solutions 



in the system use


Fast ROI

“Unguided omnichannel projects generate entropy. We worked together as a Team to change mindset and processes, not only technology”

ASSUNTA SALITURO – Head of Consumer & Small Business Processes at Fastweb

“We have shown how AI technologies deliver real value in terms of CX and ROI improvements”

– Sandro Parisi – Eudata


Visual IVR and ChatBOT to reduce inbound voice


How Fastweb automates its customer service using Visual IVR

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