Eudata & ASF: iLario

The first ChatBOT of public transport in Italy Traveling has never been so simple


The need

Investing in modern digital technologies for the Customer Care service to improve customer satisfaction and implement a multi-channel approach (strategy) replacing phone and email channels with chat and conversational engine (ChatBOT)

The solution

Ilario, the conversation engine (ChatBOT) designed and implemented by Eudata: responds in a timely and automated manner to the most frequently asked questions of ASF customers.

The results

Ilario, the conversation engine (ChatBOT) designed and implemented by Eudata is the ideal assistant for those who travel and need at any time:

    • to get real-time information about the route,
    • to be always updated about changes and interruptions,
    • to know the nearest re-sale points and public transport fares

of conversations with the customer managed in total autonomy (Full Bot)


Only of requests handled by operators following the introduction of the ChatBOT

work hours

by 2022 of ASF Customer Care staff will be freed

“Unguided omnichannel projects generate entropy. We worked together as a Team to change mindset and processes, not only technology”

ASSUNTA SALITURO – Head of Consumer & Small Business Processes at Fastweb

“We have shown how AI technologies deliver real value in terms of CX and ROI improvements”

– Sandro Parisi – Eudata

``ilario``: Eudata Chatbot Solution for ASF

Ilario is the first chatbot for a public transport company in Italy. An innovative solution that improves ASF’s relationship with customers

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