How CRIF is shifting the CX in the credit market using BOTs and Humans together in the same service

CRIF is a leading player in the Italian market of credit. Discover how they accelerate the digital transition of their CX thanks to Convy.AI mixing humans and BOTs to obtain a frictionless experience for their customers.


The need

CRIF experienced a strong growth on the traffic of the corporate websites (CRIF and Mister Credit) where a live chat is published. Due to the growing business the agents cannot manage efficiently all the requests efficiently, originating long waiting time and customer dissatisfaction. 

Eudata and CRIF Success Case.

The solution

CRIF decided to add a conversational chatBOT on top of the chat, moving both agents and BOTs to Convy.AI. Amazon Lex is used for managing Natural Language Understanding. The BOT automated 75% of their support processes, leaving the opportunity to escalate to real agents in case of need.

The results

  • The traffic on live chat recorded a strong growth (+300%) trend because the quality of the answer is good with the BOT and because if you need an agent you don’t have to wait for a long time
  • Less than 10% of the chat asked to escalate to a real agent
  • As the chatBOT is available H24, it was able to manage also the conversations during the weekend or after the working hours (25% of the entire volume) 

ChatBOT for Credit Support


More than 300% of traffic growth on the chat channel


More than 90% of requests are managed autonomously by the BOT


75/100 Customer Satisfaction

The goal of projects like this is to increase the level of customer satisfaction

BEATRICE RUBINI – Personal Solutions & Services Director

Convy.AI thanks to the ability to make BOTs and human agents work together has allowed CRIF to better balance the time of people and the satisfaction of its customers

CARLO CRESPI – Head of Product, Eudata

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