Eudata WCS & Convy new Release 4.7
What's new?
  • WCS


    • User Interface
      • Real-time chat popover

    • Social and Conversational Interface
      • Guard Social integration
      • Facebook Messenger and Telegram support

    • WebRTC Audio-Video and sharing capabilities
      • Native desktop sharing support
      • Desktop Sharing recording

    • Reporting
      • Not Ready Reason state
      • Customer Centricity

    • Persistent chat
      • Outbound Interaction server
      • Interaction server analytics Enhancement
      • Interaction Server Webhook
      • Conversational Chat interface
    • WCS Core
      • Presence Server update and optimization
      • Virtual Agent Optimization
      • Performance review
  • Convy


    • Administration
      • Conversation navigation detail reporting
      • Configuration Import/Export
      • Admin UX review
      • Qualitative reporting
      • Company default configurations
      • Performance review
    • ChatBOT Customization
      • Authentication node
      • Multimedia Node
      • Carousel in menu

    • Supported Semantic Engine
      • Cogito Expert System (OEM)
      • Api.Ai (Dialogflow)
      • Microsoft Luis
Why new releases are so important?

New version 4.7 of WCS and Convy are the result of months of fix, improvement and project experience joined in a single package. Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations
Eudata recommends partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new released are released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project

WCS Feature List Details

Real-time chat popover

It’s now possible to create a real-time chat service embedding the chat in a popover. Chat is now loaded within the original page and if the customer changes page it’s automatically restored.

Conversational Chat interface

Description: WCS now supports enriched conversation objects such as menus, carousel, links, multimedia objects in the real time chat to be used with Convy.

Guard Social integration

WCS now supports inbound post-treatment thanks to the integration with the Social CRM Guard Social. Posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are supported. After a post-routing agent can handle a post, reply to it within the agent desktop and publish it.

Facebook Messenger and Telegram support

WCS now supports direct Instant Messaging sessions from Facebook Messenger and Telegram

Native desktop sharing support

WCS now supports browser-native desktop sharing thanks to WebRTC and extensions available for chrome and firefox.

Desktop Sharing recording

WCS now supports different and configurable not ready state reasons. They are also reported one by one.

Not Ready Reason state

Recorder now records desktop sharing stream.

Customer Centricity

WCS aggregates all the sessions started from the same customer. Multichannel historical sessions with their detail are available on the agent desktop through a new agent desktop gadget or through administrative reporting.

Outbound Interaction server

Agent can now generate an outbound interaction through interaction server. This feature enables agents and experts replying to previous interactions as well as creating new campaigns .

Interaction server analytics Enhancement

Added a new reporting page containing Interactions details such as thread status, info and messages.

Interaction Server Webhook

Description: webhook asynchronous support for Interaction Server enhancing server to server integration.

Presence Server update and optimization

Presence server optimized to reach up an higher number of concurrent agent sessions.

Virtual Agent Optimization

Virtual Agent has been optimized to handle an high volume load (see SRND for details).

Performance review

WCS has been optimized in order to raise up the number of concurrent sessions handled.

Convy Feature List Details

Conversation navigation detail reporting

It’s now possible to retrieve the entire navigation history of each dialog with all the echanged text (Human2Bot and Bot2Human).

Authentication node

Convy now supports Oauth2 authentication to let customer authenticate through the bot (Facebook only supported).

Configuration Import/Export

It’s now possible to export and import flows. This feature can be used in case of backups or in case of flows propagation to different companies.

Multimedia Node

Multimedia Node added to configure outbound multimedia object such as links, video, images and complex objects (the combination of the above).

Carousel in menu

It’s now possible to configure carousel menu to add images to buttons.

Admin UX review

Complete review of the Admin UI and UX.

Qualitative reporting

Convy adds new reporting tools to analyze the chatbot quality and to help administrators and supervisor to mantain it. Semantic analytics, confidence analytics, flow navigation detail and dialogs detail containing all the details of a single dialog.

Company default configurations

Default configurations per company added. Once configured new flows inherits standard configurations from this.

Microsoft LUIS Connector

Semantic connector to Microsoft LUIS.

Google Api.Ai (Dialogflow) Connector

Semantic connector to Google Api.Ai (Dialogflow) .

Performance review

Convy has been optimized in order to raise up the number of concurrent dialogs handled.