Eudata WCS new Release 4.5
What's new?
  • ChatBOT
  • WebRTC Recording
  • External Connectors: Cisco UCCE, Vidyo
  • Livechat purpose visualization
  • Flash and Webrtc Onboarding
  • Provisioning API
  • Reporting Tool – KPI per Company
  • Reporting – All session view enhancement
  • Interaction server Reporting
  • Proactive engine presentation logics review
  • Preferred Agent
  • Agent Desktop SDK
  • Bridge SDK review – third party Audio video gadget
  • Agent Desktop UX Review
  • Genesys WAD compatibility
  • Recorder – SIP header support
  • Recording Playback Interface
Why new releases are so important?

New versions of WCS are the result of months of fix, improvement and project experience joined in a single package.

Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations.

Eudata recommend partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new release are released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project.

Feature List Details


Since the Facebook announcement of the usage of BOTs within the social network to improve interactions between customers and brands, the usage of chatBOTs is quickly growing in different sectors. The customer experience is one of these markets where BOTs can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Eudata chatBOT permits to define a conversational workflow that will be available on all WCS text channels (email, sms, persistent chat, and real time chat). As the chatBOT will be a “virtual agent”, every capability of WCS will be available in the same way of a traditional agent: transfer to an agent with the conversation history, unified reporting and integration with external CTI.

WebRTC Recording

Besides the flash based recording, still available from version 4.4, it is now available the new WebRTC recorder. Record, Search and review all the audio/video sessions associated to a specific conversation. The recording engine is integrated in the session detail reporting where to find all the details about the single conversation. From here, it is now possible to start the player to view the recorded session.

External Connectors: Cisco UCCE, Vidyo

Two new important connectors are added to the 4.5 version.

Cisco UCCE 11.5 connector: leveraging the availability of UQ connector, with the support of Cisco team we developed our new integration with Cisco UCCE (11.5 on).

It is a full integration that makes all the capabilities provided by Eudata available inside Cisco UCCE, in a single and ergonomic gadget inside Cisco Finesse (Cisco web based agent desktop). We are really proud of this integration, as it is now possible to deliver a full omnichannel experience to the agent and the customers, using a single desktop to concurrently manage all the channels in a full blended and multisession environement. Emaill sms, persistent chat, real time chat, audio, video and collaboration are all available in the same gadget, leaving the capability to apply routing logics to the Cisco engine .

To access to the webinar on this feature, click here (authentication needed, you must be a partner): INSERIRE LINK A PAGINA WEBINAR PRIVATI

Vidyo connector: Vidyo is one of the leading solution in the market to deliver video conferencing services to large enterprises. By the integration between Eudata and Vidyo, customers of both technologies can use the Vidyo engine on top of the Eudata Customer Enagegement platform, leveraging the investment and providing large scalability of the features compared to the two separated platforms.

Livechat purpose visualization

It’s now possible to define a livechat purpose in order to define the focus of a new incoming chat. Livechat purpose will be proposed as a title in the offering to the target.

Flash and Webrtc Onboarding

WCS supports Customer onboarding flow. Thanks to WCS recording features, the ability to take agent controlled picture from customer camera, document sharing features and content management you can easily activate customer onboarding processes compliant with your running policies.

Provisioning API

WCS now provides a provisioning API that let you create new companies, services, users and agents from external applications.

Reporting Tool – KPI per Company

It’s now possible to configure custom KPI dedicated to single companies. Using this release 4.5 feature it’s possible to create custom reports and views on a company demand.

Reporting – All session view enhancement

We’ve enhanced the “All session view” reporting adding more info on the “All sessions” reporting page.

Interaction server Reporting

We’ve added the interaction server reporting page to display the list of asynchronous sessions handled by WCS.

Proactive engine presentation logics review

It’s now possible to define different “in hour” and “out of hour” logic. This feature enables proactive engine to decide which channel and which interface to propose during service in hour and out of hour. For instance, it’s now possible to create a rule proposing livechat during in hour and webcallback during out of hour.

Preferred Agent

WCS now supports preferred agent parameter on its API (EuBridge and Interaction Server). It’s possible to define a preferred agent target WCS will use as preferred route to route the task to. After a configurable amount of time if the preferred target is not reached it will fallback to defined service.

Bridge SDK review – third party Audio video gadget

With WCS it’s now possible to integrate third party audio and video gadget to handle audio and video conversations. Available on EUBridge SDK and Agent Desktop SDK.

Agent Desktop SDK

WCS now offers Agent Desktop SDKs. With Agent Desktop SDKS it’s possible to simply customize Agent Desktop or create custom widgets to add to it. This will simplify external CRM integrations.

Complete UX review of the WCS Agent Desktop. A list of changes:

  • Agent presence on transfer to agent tab
  • Agent presence on transfer to service tab
  • Service capabilities on transfer to service tabTask offered review
  • Interaction Server plugin based restyle
  • Order list task
  • Incoming and closing task effects
  • New notifications for new messages and
  • New task item presentation
  • Task title: subject for email type task, purpose on chat base task, subject on general interaction server task

Genesys WAD compatibility

Added Genesys Web Agent Desktop (WAD) compatibility from version 8.1 on.

Recording Playback Interface

WCS now have a full web recording playback interface. Just by selecting the recorded session from reporting page you can access the playback interface permitting to play and download selected audio and video conversation.

Recorder – SIP header support

It’s now possible to pass SIP header in forking recording to third party recorders. By default SIP headers are session customer info