Eudata WCS new Release 4.3
What's new?
  • Reporting Experience
  • New Communication Channels
  • New Connectors
Why new releases are so important?

New versions of WCS are the result of months of fix, improvement and project experience joined in a single package.

Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations.

Eudata recommend partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new release are released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project.

Feature List
Feature Description
WebRTC Channel on Mobile supporters Support for “In browser” Videochat on WebRTC Devices
Reporting for Expert Advisor Expert advisor sessions are now part of the reporting tool
Audio and Video Recorder Integrated Recorder for Audio and Video Sessions
New Connectors MS Lync and Avaya Connector
Mobile SDK Videochat IOS and Android
Email Manager Enhancement Email manager improvement
Expert Advisor SDK Javascript (Full Features) JS SDK full (Chat, videochat, collaboration) to set up Expert Advisor Services
Reporting improvement Export cvs, reorganization and GUI improvement
Infrastructure enhancement Support for MSSQL DB and JBOSS Application Server
More details

1)  WebRTC channel works now also on mobile devices. On mobile browsers it’s possible to have a real time videochat with contact center agents or online expert advisors.

2) Reporting for Expert Advisor: Inside the reporting layer are now available also the session managed by the expert advisors

3) Audio and Video Recorder: Integrated Audio and Video recorder now available inside the platform. The recorded session can be stored inside the platform and available for future usages.

4) New Connectors: finalize connectors for Avaya Contact Center and MS Lync

5) The Sdk allows to create in APP services to start a chat/videochat from mobile devices for both iOS and Android OS

6) Email manager V2:
Improved channel. It is now possible to better manage attached, rules, reporting, templates. HTML Editor now available

7) Eubridge Expert JS SDK full featured:
Use Eudata SDK to create Expert advisor services.

8) Reporting improvement: better usability for supervisors that need to monitor, export and compare results. Improvement are related both to KPIs and to session detail

9) Infrastructure Enhancement: Major changes are related to the support for MS SWL database and JBoss Application Server