L’intervista di Sandro a “Digital Spritz”

L’intervista di Sandro a “Digital Spritz“ L’intervista di Sandro Parisi a Innovation Spritz. Digital Innovators è il podcast di Catobi, la community di professionisti orientata alla Digital Execution. L’ IA Spiegata Semplice!   Ascoltala qui:

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Be a Remote Enterprise

We are bound to remember these months for a long time, they will leave a mark and drastically change what…

It’s easy to say smart working

The advent of the pandemic has accelerated or forced the adoption of the “smartworking” way of working to ensure continuity…

Eudata wins NFON Italy as partner

NFON Italy, a subsidiary of NFON AG, the only pan-European cloud PBX provider, today announced its partnership with Eudata SRL.…