Eudata WCS new Release 4.4
What's new?
  • Asynchronous task
  • Flash free agent desktop
  • Better mobile experience
  • Recorder will support WebRTC
  • File sharing DB stored
Why new releases are so important?

New versions of WCS are the result of months of fix, improvement and project experience joined in a single package.

Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations.

Eudata recommend partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new release are released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project.

Feature List
Feature Description
Asynchronous Interaction management RESTful API  for managing Customized asynchronous tasks
Flash free agent desktop Flash and Bosh supported
Reporting Review New Extended KPI, Web Call Back details, Email and Session improvement
WebRTC Recorder Support Media server (Now is supported a peer2peer direct communication)
Shared Documents format Saving files, exchanging doc saved on DB or file system.
Persistent chat Asynchrous chat with persistent history on mobile or web
Web Callback Improvement to help agents activities
More details

Asynchronous Interaction management

Feature details for all the asynchronous channel called Interaction Engine:

  • Full customizable Interaction: it is possible to queue several interactions type based on specific custom needs
  • Preferred agent: If an agent or expert handless an asynchronous session, reply to that session, preferably gets that agent
  • Interaction history: WCS transforms single asynchronous session into conversation making it simple to group and search past sessions using a simple and intuitive contact history
  • Interaction Engine SDK: with a simple rest API you can control, schedule or handle interactions.
  • Agent Desktop SDK: with a simple Javascript API you can customize the Agent Desktop to handle the incoming interaction in the best way you want and mapping your workflow.
  • IOT: Interaction Engine can be used for the handling of asynchronous interactions such as events coming from field sensors (IOT) to be passed to any representative.

Flash Free Agent desktop

Web Agent desktop: WCS has a fully responsive HTML5 based web agent desktop that can be used as a gadget. Web Agent desktop supports both Flash and Webrtc communication. It’s fully adaptive to browser. If Flash or Webrtc is not available on the current, the web agent desktop adapts and uses just the available technology.

Reporting Review

Reporting layer now contains more KPIs for customer service, a full session detail and specific reports for call back and email.

  • Real time reporting review
  • Session list enhancement
  • Historical KPIs review

Recorder for WebRTC

WCS now offers a module to integrate Flash2SIP, Flash2Flash and Webrtc2Webrtc to an existing recorder

Shared Documents Format

It is now possible to save shared documents in DB or filesystem. Based on your company security rules it is possible to define where it is better to store documents shared by the agent

Persistent chat

Interaction engine allows you to create a persistent chat session that acts like a “company Whatsapp”. It permits interactions between company representative and customers. The feature is available for both customer care and expert flows, on web or mobile

Web Callback

Flooding webcallback: Scheduleded in  a different time for the same user to avoid agent overload