Eudata for Amazon Connect

Eudata Connect Suite is designed to extend the capabilities of Amazon Connect by offering a complete, wide and scalable platform on every client touch point and able to address all types of services

Save up to 20% of contact center costs thanks to pay per use model, automation and modern agent desktop

Eudata Connect Suite

Eudata Connect Suite is a cloud digital customer engagement solution that includes:

A web-based agent desktop (Next2Connect) that manages both audio and digital channels and track the customer history
Digital capabilities (WCS) to deliver a full omnichannel experience (email, chat, messaging, VideoChat and real time collaboration, WhatsAPP, Telegram)
ChatBOT (Convy.AI) to automate activities using a rule based chatBOT with NLU capabilties
The customer journey map (CRAB) that track any customer activity with agents or BOT and provides advanced reports with useful insights

Use a real omnichannel contact center paying only for the time spent on the platform regardless the number of your agents or consultants

Our solutions

Eudata offers a set of tools to extend Amazon Connect capabilities

Convy.AI Eudata Convy.AI ChatBOT

Integrates with the Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center service to respond to the most common customer issues without an agent. Thanks to the integration with Amazon Lex, Convy.AI is able to convert the entry into text and to detect the intention of the caller, thus optimizing the success rate of self-service interactions.

Next2Connect Web-based Agent Desktop

Capable of containing all the necessary services for the contact centre operator or consultants connected to the platform. Next2Connect integrates inbound and outbound voice services, omnichannel services, management systems, CRM or TT in a single solution, avoiding context changes, automating processes to optimize time and improve user experience.

COMET- Outbound Campaign Manager

Comet enables the generation of outbound campaigns using Amazon Connect or Service Cloud Voice (SFDC). It is a cloud application built on top of AWS infrastructure (SaaS) so it’s not necessary to install any type of hardware or add components to the cloud infrastructure. What’s more, our solution has a pricing model based on the amount of outbound calls that is generated. Lastly, thanks to its campaign monitoring systems, it is possible to adapt the campaign to customers’ need and improve the quality and the efficience of the customer experience.


A centralized repository to register every step of your customer journey (customer profile and cross channel history) and make it available in real time to agents and supervisors, coupled with a powerful reporting tool to access all the relevant KPI

Amazon Service Delivery

Eudata is an “Amazon Service Delivery” certified partner; this important recognition decrees our company as the only certified partner for Amazon Connect in Southern Europe

Eudata is a global provider of customer service technologies for mid and large enterprises. Mixing Amazon Connect and Eudata solutions we provide a enable customers and AWS partners to deliver efficient, automated, scalable and omnichannel solutions to make clients happy and loyal. we are is very active across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

AWS certified partner

Eudata is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

  • Amazon Connect speciality
  • 15+ employees with an AWS certification
  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
  • Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner (SDP)
  • Amazon Connect Service Provider (SPP)
  • AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP)
eudata AWS advanced consulting partner
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