Our mission is to help companies to deliver memorable Customer Experience

Eudata helps brands to create value pathways for their clients, making them happy and brand loyal, maximizing the return of investment and ensuring recurrent revenues from customers. In doing so, we are constantly focused on the right balance between human and A.I. automated services, in order to ensure both service speed and quality. Today Eudata has happy customers across Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa, in all vertical

Eudata is mentioned in more than 40 publications by Gartner: we are included in Gartner’s 2018 and 2019 “Market Guide for Conversational Platforms” among the best 14 chatBOT worldwide platform, we were selected as Cool Vendor in 2014 and since 2016 we are positioned in the Magic Quadrant for the Customer Engagement with an honorable mention.

Our Values

Eudata is obsessed about customer satisfaction. To address this achievement we set up our 4 basic values for our team. Ethics, passion and respect for diversities are also mandatory principles of our context, acknowledged by our customers as well as our professional and execution skill.



into the customer big picture



is the fundamental of our corporate culture



to provide concrete results in the fastest possible way



Think outside the box

Eudata Suite


Gadget ready agent cockpit that includes Voice, omnichannel and customer details. Ready to be part of your environment thanks to simple and efficient plug-ins for custom or legacy CRM, TT or productivity tools. An agent BOT is always available to support the users in executing processes and use the right tools.

Convy AI

A chatBOT based on artificial intelligence that enables end to end control of automated conversational omnichannel processes. Used by millions of users every month, it can be part of the customer journey or of the agent experience.


A centralized repository to register every step of your customer journey (customer profile and cross channel history) and make it available in real time to agents and supervisors, coupled with a powerful reporting tool to access all the relevant KPI.


Expands customer interaction from contact center, agencies or branches to multimedia services (sms, chat, email, video, collaboration) and modern communication  hannels (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Apple Business chat).

Our Founders and Team

Sandro Parisi


Sandro is the C.E.O. and co-founder of Eudata. Passionate about customer experience and AI. Innovator and leader, Sandro motivates the team in the constant search for new solutions to redesign the way in which companies and people relate. Open water swimmer, runner and martial arts master, he hates wasting his tim

Pietro Albrizio


Pietro is Responsible for all the operations (COO)managing the delivery teams from both technical  and  profit  and  loss  perspective. With a deep experience  in  managing  complex  projects  on  TOP  Customers, he is the referral point for all the activities inside Eudata

Alfredo Ciano

Administration & HR

More than thirty years of experience in Management and Analytics including Projectize,Planning and Implementation of Complex information Systems matured in Finance and Banking market, Logistic and Public Administration & HR

Walter Losma

Chairman and C.F.O.

Many years of experience to guide SMEs make Walter a successful entrepreneur well integrated into the social and business environment of the North of Italy. From 2016 he holds the position of Chairman and CFO for Eudata

Moreno Ciboldi

SVP Sales & Marketing

Moreno joined Eudata in 2019 as SVP Sales & Marketing after a long senior career with mutinational firms. He has been managing Director and Senior Vice President Sales for Europe Middle East & Africa for Alcatel, Avaya, Nortel and most recently he has been Managing Director of Genesys and Alcatel Lucent Enterprise in Italy and Senior Vice President for South Europe Middle East Africa, Central America & Latin America

Andrea Odoardi

Head of Solutions

Andrea has been working for Eudata since 2010 and he took part in most of the projects on Eudata products, initially as team leader and then as PM. From 2019 he holds the role of “Head of solutions delivery”: he leads PM, presale, delivery and support teams and he controls all phases of projects involving Eudata products

Andrea Grompone

Head of Contact Center

Andrea has more than 15 years of experience working in Contact Centers. Curious and meticulous, he has explored the most modern and sophisticated Contact Center and Omnichannel technologies, often in an international setting with prestigious clients. Since 2005, Andrea has held the roles of Contact Center Engineer, Project Manager, and as of 2019, Head of the Contact Center Practice

Carlo Crespi

Head of R&D Team

Carlo has been part of Eudata since the very beginning of the company, in 2008, starting as a software developer and working on different technologies and projects. Now he is the Head of product, managing the R&D team. He’s focused on evolving Eudata’s portfolio, by adding new valuable capabilities and creating brand new products

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