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Crunchy - Eudata Edition #3

Today we will talk about the telephony solutions provided by Eudata in collaboration with Amazon Web Services,
our Connect Suite!

Do you want to bring your telephone contact center to the cloud?

Amazon Connect

Thanks to the services offered by Amazon Connect, you have the possibility to bring

your telephone contact center to the cloud with a few simple clicks, choosing between toll-free or black numbers on a geographic basis.

Do you want to manage contacts through a simple and intuitive console?


Eudata Next2Connect offers you a highly customizable gadget-based console, able to centralize all the tools used by your agents and supervisors.
You can connect, within a single access point, multiple applications, such as virtual assistants, management tools, dashboards, legacy tools, CRM, etc.

Do you want to contact your customers for sales and caring campaigns?


Comet allows you to create outbound campaigns based on Amazon Connect.

Upload the list of contacts to call, set the rules of engagement and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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