Crunchy - Eudata Edition #1

Well no, it’s not April Fool’s Day! 😀


We are happy to announce our Crunchy Eudata Edition,
the New Product Section that every month
will provide samples of what’s new in our solutions.


Let’s start immediately with a bang ..


… Crunchy launches the new Convy.AI release, version 6.0


Here are the first 3 tastings!

Do you want to improve the Customer Experience of your clients? 


Hybrid Contact Center
Convy.AI allows you to implement customer caring,
sales and marketing services thanks to a single platform,
in which Bot and Human Agents work in synergy
to provide the best customer experience to customers.

Do you want to extend your services in multiple communication channels?

Omnichannel & customer centricity

Convy.AI allows you to design effective and omnichannel customer journeys,
tailored to the needs of your customers.

A unified Agent Desktop allows you to simultaneously manage the main contact channels

Chat / Email / Whatsapp Business / Facebook Messenger / Telegram / Twitter.

Do you want to enable the digital transformation?

Video & Collaboration tools

Thanks to Convy.AI, it is possible to provide innovative engagement services

through digital collaboration tools,

such as video calls and sharing of documents or of one’s work environment.

See you at the next bite! 🙂

Stay Tuned!