CRAB Data Collector

Shows the real value of your customer by making the most of his journey data

Create a complete map of your customers omnichannel experience

CRAB collect data and conversations together and organizing them efficiently. Customer experience experts know that the growth of the contact channels used by customers has made it extremely difficult to have a clear picture of the experience of their customers. CRAB finally allows you to collect, organize and analyze all the information related to a customer’s omnichannel experience. Thanks to the presence of a single customer ID linked to all its possible access channels, it is possible to link conversations together and make them available to the powerful aggregation and analysis engines that CRAB has. In this way, agents, supervisors and managers will have the opportunity to get data contact for the entire path taken by the customer.

CRAB benefits and strengths
  • Unification by design of all customer experience
  • Immediate access to individual contact information: data, conversations, registrations, exchanged documents
  • Quantitative and qualitative reports
  • Ability to analyze the efficiency of your BOT and agents
  • Ability to integrate external data sources
CRAB historicizes every type of data associated or exchanged during the session with operator or BOT
  • conversations
  • context information
  • geolocation
  • access devices
  • browsers and operating systems
  • documents exchanged during the conversation and tools
  • recording of conversations

Our solutions

Eudata offers a suit of programs for every need

Use Case Agent

Thanks to CRAB, agents will automatically receive the latest conversations with the customer within their agent desktop in order to get a clear picture of their recent progress. Thanks to the rules of “next business action” (link to agent BOT) then it will be possible to act proactively with a taylormade proposal

Use Case Supervisor

Supervisors will be able to easily retrieve conversations for analysis and verification, create
cluster reports (from which region are contacts coming? What is the most requested need? Which channels are most used as the first point of contact? And which one as the second? … ) and qualitative thanks to the on-top application of machine learning or semantic tools to the data.
CRAB can also be an excellent compliance tool to verify that the planned processes have been
correctly carried out, analyzing them at a high level or extracting non-compliance situations.

Use Case Manager

Then in a single cockpit it is possible to have a clear picture to know what happens to your customer, extracting aggregated information that makes evi-dent the service trends, the moods and emotions of the customers and the efficiency of the service.

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