Convy Release – September 2019
What's new?

New features

The new Convy periodical Release

Convy Release is a periodical update of the AI Artificial Intelligence Platform focus on the implementation and enrichment of Eudata ChatBOT with new features that improve performance and usability.
Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations
Eudata recommends partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new released is released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project

New features

Flow Designer

  • It is the new editor that, thanks to an intuitive graphical tree-like interface, simplifies the creation of conversational flows within Convy.AI.
    The “Drag and drop” feature allows you to manage the position and connection of the different flow nodes in an agile and effective way.

Multi language flows:

  • Language detection: Thanks to the integration with Google Translate, it is possible to define a multi-language flow. Convy.AI is able to recognize the language used by the user, providing the reply messages in his own language.
  • Input translation: following the translation of the user’s message, it is possible to apply a natural language recognition even for languages ​​not supported by NLU engines in the platform.

Multi response

  • Today it is possible to configure, for the same request that the user turns to the chatbot, different response replies.
    This feature allows the BOT to get more personality, a better Brand Identity, to be less repetitive and more interesting for the customer.

Apple Business Chat connector

  • Convy.AI allows extending the Contact Center operations to users using the Apple Business Chat digital channel, the new way of talking to companies, available for iPhone / iPad devices.Using the native iMessage application, the customer has the possibility to contact the companies and to dialogue with the Virtual Assistant quickly and intuitivelyThis functionality is integrated with the WCS omni-channel platform and makes it possible to transfer the conversation that the user started with the BOT to Contact Center operators simply and effectively