Convy Release November 2019
The new Convy periodical Release

Convy Release is a periodical update of the AI Artificial Intelligence Platform focus on the implementation and enrichment of Eudata ChatBOT with new features that improve performance and usability.
Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations
Eudata recommends partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new released is released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project

New features

Google Home Authentication

Convy.AI added the ability to configure Google Assistant authentication methods, such as SignIn / SignIn + OAuth

Whatsapp connector

Convy.AI is now able to manage documents pushed from every channels that we support, added the capability to receive documents coming from Whatsapp

New license management

Now Convy.AI will notify administrators, via email, when the license usage is reaching the limit.
Administrators can now decide or not to block the service once reached the total conversations limit set

AWS Translate

Convy.AI now integrates AWS Translate cloud service, adding the capability for a bot to understand the current language used by the end-user for having a human-like conversations with personalized contents



review of the inline edit feature to handle the flow designer multi-language message


updated to the last version available


better management of the flow migration from Storyboard to Flow Designer

Bot Creation

now a default restart hook is set during creation


updated dialog flow integration with the V2 protocol

Flow Configuration

in the Flow Designer, the sentence configured are now multi-language



general bug fixing for improving stability and performance

Scheduled report

fixed bugs and error message enhancement for “Test configuration” feature

Content editor

fixed bugs and searching enhancement