Convy Release – Keyboards and Amazon Lex
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New features



The new Convy periodical Release

Convy Release is a periodical update of the AI Artificial Intelligence Platform focus on the implementation and enrichment of Eudata ChatBOT with new features that improve performance and usability.
Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations
Eudata recommends partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new released is released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project

New features
created a new section that allows adding custom keyboards to show them on customer interface and get his response without the standard input box.Features implemented:
    • Date: calendar for inserting dates
    • Time: widget for inserting hours and minutes
    • Datetime: calendar for inserting dates and times
    • Geolocation: share the position to locate the desired destination (also available on Facebook and Telegram)
    • Password: encrypted field

It’s also possible to define custom keyboards that will be implemented on GUI side

Scheduled Report:
added the possibility to schedule reports and send them by mail every day, week or month to a mailing list or to a single subject
added the possibility to handle dynamic menus
Amazon Lex:
integration with Amazon Lex as NLP engine
Semantic Confidence reporting:
not-recognized intents are now highlighted in a specific section
Alcatel Rainbow:
integration with Alcatel Rainbow platform
  • Semantic Statistics: splitted the range 0-40 into range 0 and 1-40 to group the not recognized separately from the bad recognition from the semantic engines
  • Report Jump: added the possibility to avoid to report the technical jumps in the NAVIGATION_DETAIL of a session
  • Delay Node: added the detailed configuration for the new social connectors
  • Content Editor: added the possibility to search also the semantic hooks
  • Semantic Engine: added the support for the single quote characterized in the intent names
  • Integrations: during the configuration of the WCS integration are shown only the asynchronous categories that have equal or more than four fields setted on WCS Administration Panel side
  • Dashboard: tooltips and dashboard word tag widget name
  • Watchbot: comparison between messages with newlines in it
  • Semantic Engines: added support for ‘ in the intents names
  • Flow Configuration: select2 rendering in semantic hooks section of the flow configuration
  • UX fixes
  • Semantic Engine: added a better field validation during the intent creation
  • License: fixed some license usage issue
  • Flow Configuration: fixed the select initialization after the first load
  • Watchbot: fixed the comparison among messages with new lines character in it
  • Dashboard: in Top Intents Distribution chart, for semantic engines, the intents for which is not found a label configured in the engine are not shown