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New features



The new Convy periodical Release

Convy Release is a periodical update of the AI Artificial Intelligence Platform focus on the implementation and enrichment of Eudata ChatBOT with new features that improve performance and usability.
Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations
Eudata recommends partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new released is released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project

New features
Search and edit any text in conversational flows


Exclusivity to modify the flow by the user who holds the lock on the change


Added new “about” panel with information about the Convy version and build number

complete extraction of the history of every single conversation in the CSV export phase of the collected data.
  • Dashboard: enhanced widget loading performance
  • Dashboard: enhanced intent cloud visualization
  • Users: super admins now can reset the user’s password
  • Optimized: memory and storage usage
  • Installer: added option “-auto” for the Convy update that uses all the default values without asking anything to the user
  • Loggers: revised and corrected logging levels
  • Cogito Engine: Added setting to prioritize multiple intents based on the percentage of acknowledgement or the order of definition on Convy
  • UX: improvements
  • Intent: contextual search for intent
  • Survey Report: enhanced performance of survey list loading
  • Import: corrected the warning text
  • Email tasks: enhanced the email body parsing to support other clients
  • WatchBot: fixes and improvements
  • Profiles: removed access to some pages for the USER profile
  • Profiles: removed the actionable reports for USER profile
  • Dashboard: fix to eliminate closing errors