Convy Release – Actionable Reporting
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The new Convy periodical Release

Convy Release is a periodical update of the AI Artificial Intelligence Platform focus on the implementation and enrichment of Eudata ChatBOT with new features that improve performance and usability.
Follow the new release improves solution stability enabling at the same time new features and integrations
Eudata recommends partners and customers to schedule a migration of the infrastructure in 6 months after new released is released, in order to be updated and to reduce the cost of each migration project

New features
Actionable reporting:
The Actionable Reporting Dashboard offers tools that allow you to have a quick and efficient overview of the functioning of the chatbot and at the same time a sufficient detail to get an accurate idea of ​​any changes or improvements
New Charts Dashboard

The New Charts Dashboard groups into four distinct panels:

  • the volume of sessions managed by the software;
  • the KPIs for the outcome of the sessions divided into:
    • conversations managed entirely by the bot (Fullbot);
    • conversations passed to a human operator (Handover);
    • conversations in which the user no longer interacted with the chatbot (Timeout);
    • conversations that have generated an error (Error);
  • the Bubble Chart that allows users to monitor user satisfaction by comparing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Fullbot conversations.
  • WordCloud that allows you to monitor the use of intent and is customizable by the customer.
Webex Team
integration with Cisco WebEx team, an app for continuous teamwork with video meetings, group messaging, file sharing and whiteboarding.
  • NodeJS: Upgrade to the latest stable LTS release (8.11.3 with security patches of Jun   2018)
  • Social Connectors: if a social is not answering the convy requests, the conversation will be reported with ERROR state
  • Social Connectors: allow a social connector to access the conversation state and current nodes
  • Logging: better logging usage in case of Facebook Messenger HTTP request failure
  • Logging: added the possibility to customize the log file path
  • Report: added the possibility to call the report page with actionable parameters
  • Import: the import procedure now return a more detailed report about the imported flows/engines/input processors
  • Multi-company users: now admin, supervisors and users can be associated with more than one company
  • Dashboard: fixed Bot Efficiency javascript error if state field was missing
  • Dashboard: corrected the background colour of the license gauge
  • Reporting: optimization of dialogue detail query
  • Reporting: corrected the created_at column in the dialogue detail table
  • AddNewFlow: fix on jump to flow select boxes pre-selected value
  • AddNewFlow: fixed the bot generation if a hook called begin was create
  • Social Connectors: fixed the same flow publication on 2 different telegram    bot
  • Linux Init Script: fixed wrong behaviour when the user that run the start script     is not the user that will run the convy process
  • Cogito Engine: fixed replaced dialogId into the request sent to cogito