Convy AI Powered BOTs

Save as much as 75% providing a superior
Customer Experience through an AI
that behaves like a Human and Up to 90% of customer service process automation

Convy AI usage

Scale up your business using Convy AI, the artificial intelligence that acts like a human helping enterprises to better interact with their clients and agents to be focused on the value added transactions

Why Convy AI is better

• It is an orchestrator for all the components involved in the customer journey (Front End, CRM, TT, …) valuing them and taking “conscious” decisions.

• It is a single service that can be provided as chatBOT or VoiceBOT to manage traditional voice channels.

• Its SDKs enables fast integration in complex environment.

• A deep layer of analytics enables to monitor and improve the service.

• A high level of customization of dialogues is guaranteed.

The value

• Up to 75% of agents workload reduction.

• Customer satisfaction improvement (+30%)

• Multiply sales opportunities


It’s simple

Zero code needed for creating conversationl flows


It’s measurable

Dashboard and analytics to discover the way it works and how good it’s doing


It’s multichanel

Thanks to connectors and SDKs you can use on every chat, messaging App, sms, device. It also supports the Voice


It’s a platform

To built services, using Online APIs, back ends, CRM, ERP… All without coding!


It’s able to learn

Designed to evolve with the company System of understanding and evolution

Value to your organization
  • Increase customer satisfaction due to fast response, pervasive omnichannel approach and 24/7 availability
  • Context-aware transition from Self Service to Assisted Service (from chatBOT to real agents)
  • Ensures a consistent brand voice, giving to your BOT a real personality Deploy the solution to a number of contact channels in a single click
  • Serve thousands of users at the same time without adding humans
eudata digital assistant
A superior Customer Experience
  • The customer can receive support at any time thanks to a full-time ChatBOT availability
  • Fast/One contact resolution to increase customer satisfaction
  • Give customers the chance to choose their channel of choice (text, voice, social)
  • No more queues waiting an agent response
  • Bring an agent into a conversation for more difficult situations without missing a beat

Social and Conversational Interface

Convy-based services are used through the most spread communication channels on the market
• Facebook Messenger
• Telegram
• Google assistant (Google Home)
• Amazon Alexa
• Skype for business
• Twitter
• Apple Business Chat
• Whatsapp

Contact Center

Uses Convy to automate Customer Care processes, involving operators only when necessary and keeping full control on call flow and reporting
• Amazon Connect
• Cisco UCCE
• Genesys
• SFDC service cloud


Implements systems that can understand natural language
• Expert System COGITO
• Google Dialogflow
• AWS Lex
• MS Luis
• IBM Watson

Collaboration Platform

Implements conversational solutions that manage internal and external processes
• Cisco Webex Team
• Ale Rainbow
• MS Teams (soon available)

Open APIs

Enhances Convy-based processes through public APIs
• Amazon Recognition
• Google Speech
Voice Bot

Voice is still the most used channel to address customer interactions, this is why Convy is able to manage also the Voice Channel to solve customer interactions.

Stand Alone or integrated into Conversational interfaces: The Eudata ChatBOt can be used as a Stand Alone platform or integrated with existing contact center and CRM technologies thanks to standard connectors and APIs. Click here to check the supported technologies

Teacher BOT: an innovative way to compose a dialogue using a conversational interface that makes possible the dialogue set up also without development skills

Define your BOT nature: Eudata Convy.ai has the capability to define a BOT character in order to associate it with your brand message

Semantic layer: permits to set up open conversations with customers using natural language

Seamless transition from self-service to an agent: if necessary, an agent can be involved in a seamless and contextualized way without changing the interface on the client side

Connectors to Conversational interfaces: Eudata chatbot “Convy AI” thanks to his external connectors perfectly integrates with conversational interfaces

Flow Designer

It is the graphic tool made available by ConvyAI for the creation of conversational bots. It makes possible the realization of automated processes, from simple to very complex, in order to address business requirements, improving the customer experience of users. The tool is intuitive and easy to use and does not require programming skills or experience in the world of artificial intelligence.

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