A unique solution ables to provide the best customer experience, combining BOTs automation and human touch in a blended caring and sales platform

Now Convy.AI supports the Generative AI!
Add to your Customer Journey the power of LLM with Convy.AI:
・Multiple LLM supported
・Access to your knowledge in a secured way
・Manage your knowledge adding contents in real time
・Design your prompt combining knowledge and context to create unique customer or agent experience
Convy.AI usage

Scale up your business to new heights with Convy.AI, the Customer Engagement Platform that effortlessly combine the best of human-like interactions and cutting-edge-artificial intelligence. Experience the magic of a customer journey that leaves a lasting impression, where happy customers are at the heart of every interaction.

Discover the seamless integration between AI and human agents, resulting in a harmonious synergy that creates a truly unforgettable customer experience.

Convy.AI is:

  • A powerful omnichannel BOT builder to create conversational automation without coding, leveraging the use of several  Natural language understanding (AWS Lex, Expert.AI, Google, Microsoft, Watson, …), LLM (OpenAI, …) and other form of AIs
  • A digital contact center platform with a powerful agent desktop and tons of supervisor tools
  • A customer data platform that collects the history of every interaction with clients
  • A video platform that enables brands to create virtual Shops/branches/Agencies 
  • Everything in a single platform to manage your online customers
Why Convy.AI
  • It is an orchestrator for all the components involved in the customer journey (Front End, CRM, TT, …) valuing them and taking “conscious” decisions.
  • It is able to use multiple AIs to improve customer experience and agent experience (semantic or ML Natural Language Understanding, LLM for Generative AI, Translate, Image comparison, …)
  • A deep layer of analytics enables to monitor and improve the service
  • Take advantage of past conversations and actual customer journey for providing advanced automated services
  • Design using a no code builder personalized routing logics that can address to the desired human agent, in contact center or branches or remote shops
  • Video Branch/Shop (webRTC A/V calls, screen sharing, recording, cobrowsing) enables human-to-human caring / sell processes
  • It promotes human agents in spreading your company brand, thanks to a gamification approach while interacting with the agent desktop console
  • Its SDKs enable fast integration in complex environments
  • Connectors for existing/multiple AI platforms enables to use your LLM/NLU/… to reuse your Knowledge base without effort
The values
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    Detailed metrics for BOT and Agents service performance.

    Intent and emotion detection.


    Conversation detail.

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    Service Designer with Hierarchy

    Assisted and unassisted processes are designed from a single No Code tool.

    From the designer it is possible to engage and orchestrate AI providers for LLM, NLU, Computer Vision, back ends and other third party.

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    LLM Connectors

    Native connection to the main LLM providers (OpenAI, AWS, Microsoft, Meta, etc…) and custom connection using the “Bring your own LLM”.

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    Blending Human and AIs

    Through the service designer create services that balance BOTs and humans based on customer needs, emotions and agent workload optimization.

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    Front End Control

    Once a service is created you can design the user front end between web/mobile (chat or videochat), WhatsAPP, Telegram, FB Messenger, Google Business Chat, X, etc…

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    Design and Test

    The service designer enables to test the service during the service creation to speed up the creation and monitor that all data are treated as expected.

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    Hallucination Control

    To prevent hallucinations, improve the response quality and speed up the generation of text.

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    The service automatically assign a category and an emotion to all conversation.

    Clients can build a customized set of categories used to TAG the conversation.

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    Agent Experience

    Agent experience is delivered through a modern and  fancy UI where all is designed to target efficiency and optimization.

    Agent UI can be integrated with 3rd party components via APIs.

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    Virtual Assistant

    During the conversation Agents can be assisted by a virtual assistant that streamline processes, manages all integrations and generate contents on the fly (such email, contracts, etc…).

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Distinctive Features With Generative AI
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    Personalized CX thanks to GenAI

    Use real time informations about the customer profile, retrieved from the back end, to create a personalized and contextual experience for the customer.

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    Natively the platform is able to categorize conversations based on a custom set of categories specified by the company.

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    Intent Detection

    Adding intents to the engine was never so easy.

    Simply create the intent and use it in your flows to take decisions about the system behavior.

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    Predefined guardrails are set in out engine, to prevent hallucinations and responses not related to the CX.

    It is also possible to combine prompt engineering and intent detections to define new guardrails.

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    Emotion Detection

    Use the emotions to categorize conversations and take decisions.

    You can use the 8 primary emotions dimensions or design your own custom set of emotions.

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    Generative answers to email, chat or messages

    Route conversations to agents and employees populating the response area with the most appropriate answer.

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    Available LLM

    Pick one of our predefined LLM or use your own through the “bring your own LLM” capability.

    Combine different LLM in the flow thanks to our multimodal approach to use the best suited for the scope and price.

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    Your own Data

    Every customer will use its own vector DB, where the informations are stored and clustered.

    Import data in the vector DB using documents, web crawling or connector to existing knowledge bases.

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Benefits to your organization
  • Ensures a consistent brand voice, giving to your BOT a real personality
  • Increase customer satisfaction due to fast response, pervasive omnichannel approach and 24/7 availability - Always On Contact Center
  • Context-aware transition from Self Service to Assisted Service (from BOT to human agents)
  • BOTs and humans collaborate together in a blended interaction center
  • Serve thousands of users at the same time without adding more humans
Agent desktop
  • A modern agent desktop application with effortless UX for improving agent productivity
  • Agents can stay focused on bringing value to their customers, handling several conversations on different channels
  • New look and feel, developed according to the modern UI-Glass Morphism trends

Social and Conversational Interface

Convy-based services are used through the most spread communication channels on the market

• Real time web & mobile chat • Email
• Whatsapp • Telegram • Apple Business Chat
• Facebook Messenger • Twitter
• Amazon Alexa • Google assistant

Contact Center

Uses Convy to automate Customer Care processes, involving operators only when necessary and keeping full control on call flow and reporting

• Amazon Connect
• Cisco CCE (soon available)
• Genesys (soon available)


Convy.AI Implements systems that can understand natural language

• Expert.AI Cogito
• AWS Lex
• Google Dialogflow
• MicroSoft Luis
• IBM Watson

Advanced routing logics

Create advanced routing logics through Convy.AI FlowDesigner tool

• Routing based on agents queues
• Routing based on preferred agent
• Fallback queues
• Fallback to bots

Open APIs

Enhances Convy-based processes through public APIs

• AWS Translate
• AWS Rekognition
• Google Translate
• Google Speech

Voice Bot

Voice is still the most used channel to address customer interactions, this is why Convy is able to manage also the Voice Channel to solve customer interactions.

Convy.AI can be used as a stand alone solution or can be integrated into third parties conversational interfaces, CRM technologies or Contact center platforms thanks to plug&play connector and APIs.

Provide human like conversation adding NLU capabilities

Seamless transition from BOT to human agent, contextualizing the conversation with every step of customer journey

Design one time shot and then publish the service on several social messaging platforms, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger…

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