Contact Center

Only 25% of contact center are actually on cloud, but in 3 years analyst predicts that more than 70% will migrate in cloud

It’s time to move your contact center in the cloud, gaining flexibility and reducing costs

A constantly updated and controllable service

that makes the best use of voice, text and social channels and which improves operations thanks to artificial intelligence and BOTs. No more migrations, hardware upgrade, and long lasting processes because of the infrastructure expansion. Ask for your needs and we’ll do it, transforming months of work in weeks

Our strengths

Reduce implementation and maintenance effort by 40%

Control end to end the service with a single player

• Thanks to a modern widget based Desktop, the Agents will have every tool under control and contextualized on the customer profile

• Browse the always available customer history

• Use multichannel inheriting all the integrations

• Thanks to extensive usage of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve efficiency for the customer, for the Agent and increase customer experience

Eudata Technology
Amazon Delivery Service

Eudata is an “Amazon Service Delivery” certified partner; this important recognition decrees our company as the only certified partner for Amazon Connect in Southern Europe

Eudata is a global provider of customer service technologies for mid and large enterprises. Mixing Amazon Connect and Eudata solutions we provide a enable customers and AWS partners to deliver efficient, automated, scalable and omnichannel solutions to make clients happy and loyal. we are is very active across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is the most innovative Contact Center solution on the market and thanks to the cloud provided by AWS allows you to scale horizontally on the over 200 collateral services offered (infrastructure, DB, storage, TTS, ASR, image recognition, text analysis, application server, …).


Eudata has developed a suite of modular products that integrated with the AWS-Connect platform make this solution the most advanced CLOUD Contact Center platform on the market.


Eudata is able to provide the Amazon Connect solution quickly and efficiently, which can be activated in a very short time and available to every type of customer, alongside it from

With Amazon Connect you can turn Months into minutes! Forget the traditional Telco Chain and go live in less than 2 hours


Choose a
Number from
the list
(DID or TF)


Create the service


Add Agents


Let’s Start!

Contact Center Set Up

Set up stages of a traditional Contact Center:

  • Interaction with the telephone provider for the management of telephone flows
  • Management of the purchase of SBC / channel controllers
  • End to end configuration (number and trunk, SBC and voice + Contact Center)
  • From here on we work on the actual service ...

1-2 Months

1-2 Ours

Steps to set up an Amazon Connect Contact Center:

  • I choose in real time a phone number (green or black)
  • I associate the number with a service
  • I am ready to provide a service ...
  • ...I get the first calls from my customers!

Set up stages of a traditional Contact Center:

  •  Configure the toll-free routing profiles
  •  Manage the openings and closings of the lines
  •  Create flows • Enter the service messages
  • Monitor historical reporting • Monitor real time reporting
  • Configure the users that will have access to the bar
  • Manage operators
  • Monitor performance
  • Configure operator skills based on users
  • Configure quick connect


The NFON contact center (Ncontactcenter) is a complete, feature-rich solution for effective and transparent multichannel communication via your web browser. Offering maximum flexibility and future-proofing without the need for hardware and software installation.
Eudata is able to integrate, maintain and evolve NContactCenter, adding more channels and automation from its portfolio.

Solid customer experience

Companies wanting a consistent customer experience across all channels, from phone to social media

Track support efficiency

Companies needing measurable efficiency for customer support, hotline or customer success teams

Outbound communication

Companies wanting large-scale outbound communication or promotion campaigns on a regular basis

“NFON is a perfect solution to meet our mid customer needs, where global provider are too bulky and things need to be fast and simple”

– Sandro Parisi (Eudata CEO)

“Our partnership with EUDATA gives us the opportunity to address the local cloud contact center market with the confidence of having the right skills and experience. We are proud to collaborate with a company that is able to enhance our proposal with innovative solutions and services”

– Marco Pasculli (Managing Director NFON Italia)

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